Site02 Architecture
Architecture + Interior Design

What do we design?

Multi-faceted + International Design Services!

Architecture Design: Architecture Schematic Design, Facade Design, Restoration Design

Interior Design: Office Design, Office Tower Public Spaces, Sales Center, Show Flat, Shopping Center, Retail Design, F&B

Interactive Experience Design: Exhibition Space, Experience Center, Gallery Space

Why us?

We believe that every project should entail its own story and concept!

Experience: Elite developer and international company service experiences + Multi-faceted successful projects

Creativity: Vast international design experience and background + Studio based design team and service structure

Support: Tailored services and coordination capabilities + Comprehensive support from design to construction to usage

Quality: Systematic design and construction procedures + Attention to detail + Stringent requirements for drawings and materials selections + Professional technical support

What is the design procedure?

We believe that the creation of space is an intricately correlated procedure; from communication, to understanding, to design, to execution, to end-use!

  • Identify RequirementsIdentify client requirements is very important to a successful project. Appropriate communication and correct understanding of the project are crucial to the design process.
  • On-site InspectionExamine site conditions and dimensions. Verify and locate building system settings and locations.
  • Concept DesignTransform project requirements into design concepts. Using sketches, diagrams, analysis, and example images to convey ideas.
  • Schematic DesignTransform concepts into detailed schematics. Using plans, elevations, diagrams, materials, and renderings to convey design intentions.
  • Development DesignTransform design ideas into preliminary drawings. DD stage include plans, elevations, sections, schedules, and material samples.
  • Construction DrawingsTransform design into drawing documentations for construction. CD stage include plans, elevations, sections, detail drawings, schedules, system drawings, specifications, and material samples.
  • Construction
    Once the design is approved by client, an on-site meeting is required to go through drawings and any questions with the contractor.
  • Site InspectionsCarry out regular site inspections to identify defects and assist in solving on-site problems. Provide client with inspection reports.
  • Milestone AcceptanceCarry out acceptance inspections with client. Identify defects and produce acceptance reports.
  • Usage TrainingCarry out usage and maintenance training for the end-user. Provide retail, operation, and/or maintenance guidelines if necessary.