Site02 Architecture
Architecture + Interior Design

What kind of services do we provide?

Multi-faceted + professional construction services!

Interior Renovation: Office Space, Public Space, Sales Center, Show Flat, Shopping Center, Retail Space, F&B Space

Exhibition Renovation: Display Space, Experience Center, Gallery Space

Multi-Media Execution: Production and installation of multi-media facilities, systems, and contents. Production and installation of graphical and signage contents.

Why us?

Exceptional spaces do not manifest merely through design; but are created through a combination of vigilant execution and management of details!

Vast Experience: Elite developer and international company service experiences + Multi-faceted successful projects

Professional Construction Management: Specialized construction management system + Professional personnel structure

Comprehensive Services: Complete and humanistic service measures + Responsible follow-ups from start to finish

Quality Control: Timely confirmation of milestones with client and designer + Stringent material selection and production control procedures

Time Schedule Control: Timely progress schedules and reports + Milestone inspection and acceptance system

Cost Control:Processional and detailed quotation system + Budget control measures during construction + Prognosis of material purchase and spending

What is the construction process?

Professional construction management process is the key to creating successful projects that are on time and on budget!

  • Understanding DesignStudy design documentations thoroughly. Voice questions and discuss with designer before construction to avoid possible execution errors.
  • Site InspectionExamine site conditions. Verify and locate building system settings and locations.
  • Dimension VerificationVerify major design dimensions and heights on site. Foresee any possible complications and discuss with client + designer.
  • Material ConfirmationProvide material samples according to the design documentations. Acquire client approval before construction.
  • Concealed WorkWork include electrical work, piping, HVAC, IT, fire system°≠ etc.
  • Wall ConstructionWork include wall structure, substrate, water proofing, surface profiles°≠ etc.
  • Ceiling ConstructionWork include suspended ceiling, structure, substrate, water proofing, surface profiles°≠ etc.
  • Surface WorkWork include decorative surfaces, timber veneer, adhesive surfaces, wall papers°≠ etc.
  • Floor ConstructionWork include floor substrate, leveling, water proofing, decorative surfaces, timber floor, tile floor, PVC floor°≠ etc.
  • Carpentry WorkWork include cabinets, fixed furniture, special design profiles°≠ etc.
  • Protection WorkProvide protective means for work done to avoid contamination and possible damage.
  • Paint WorkWork include substrate, undercoat, surface coat, color paint, veneer work, coating work°≠ etc.
  • Installation WorkWork include device and appliance installation, switches, sanitary fittings, hardware fittings, cabinets, multi-media, graphics°≠ etc.
  • Cleaning WorkThorough cleaning work and rubbish disposal upon project completion.
  • Inspection & AcceptanceArrange inspections with client and designer. Provide defect report, rectification report, and as-build drawings.
  • Maintenance ServiceArrange usage training and maintenance training. Provide a suitable construction warranty plan.